Requirement For Slurry Valves And Knife Valves Performance


Valves are another important construction appliance that either be smaller in size and shape as compared to other machineries but are mandatory for viscous liquid solid substances like slurry. Slurry valves are different in numbers, types, sizes and structures which are often used or manufacturing and industrial processing as an individual instrument of work. Slurry applications has their own tools to function on as sometimes, extra or extreme low temperature, pressure and force is applied for it. Firstly, properties of slurry are determined in accordance to which the valve is finalized for processing. Knife valves as the name suggest is precise in calculation, fine cut and refined polish in of the final product. It is also necessary to understand the nuances of criteria at time for valve construction, type and size validations.

Factors for slurry valves

Some slurry is such viscous that can block the machineries from which they pass through. Therefore, to manage slurries and other pulp products slurry valves were introduced way back for industrial applications and processing. Some important structural compatibility and allowance of slurry fluid movement relies on few factors which include

  • Particle size of solid component of slurry
  • Percentage of solid include in slurry which can be 60-70% sometimes
  • Flow rate must be controlled and adjusted
  • Sleeve and seat movement and material should be controlled
  • Temperature and pressure regulation

Slurry valves selection is best done by engineers, as it is not the department of expertise by layman. It is recommended to workers based on the slurry characteristics. Wearing, friction and pressure must be assessed as inspection strategy for slurry valves. Slurry valves if being utilized correctly will help to release and adjust stress for functioning with slurry as it can be abrasive and corrosive too.

Requirement of knife valves

If the required result with slurry movement, fluidity, cutting and finishing is required, the most favored valve in construction business is the knife valves. These valves have more shaper and previse result outcomes in comparison to other slurry working valves and nuts. Knife valves can cause serious accidents if not handled properly, therefore, are used partially on and off services. So, it is mostly recommended to keep the seal of valves either completely open or close to avoid complications.

Higher level of accuracy as well as protection is demanded with such knife valves as operational activities can result in serious financial and personal incidents halting the activities of slurry flow and control. The qualities that make knife ones superior tan others because of cost-effectiveness, high precision, right actuation and light in weight etc.


Slurry valves are recommended as small but most mandatory tool for slurry activities like fluidity, movement, control, settling and cutting. These can be different in sizes, types, models, version and structures and are of multi-purpose uses in industrial applications. The knife valves are one potent valve that is high in movement and cutting control management as knife effect is visible over slurry, oils, grease, heavy pulp wastes etc.



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